One by one the progressive mayors and college presidents across the south have been chipping away at not only our heritage, but the honor of fallen heroes, many of who died in the great 'War for Southern Independence'. Actually those who would tear down these Confederate Monuments could care less about the statues themselves. It's not about these pieces of stone and bronze stained by the years. It's a power struggle between progressives and conservatives. I thought this was settled, a least for a short while with the election of Donald Trump. I was wrong, and now I fear we are on the losing side once again. Some of us are fighting back. The purpose of this blog is to inform you there is hope. We are attempting to raise funds to erect plaques honoring our fallen Confederate boys in gray. Plaques that will grace the town squares of small towns in the South where they will be welcome. Towns where the voters still have some common sense, unlike those idiots in the large cities and those poor lost young people in our universities. All denotations will be appreciated with the lion's share going to preserve the memory of those who fought and died in that great conflict.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to Bermuda

Four on the left are the Uighurs
They look like nice guys!!

After a lengthy stay on the island of Cuba at the exclusive American resort better known as GITMO or Club Med to some; four Islamic terrorist (known by most as Muslim Uighurs) members of ETIM (East Turkestan Islamic Movement), were moved to the tropical isle of Bermuda and given an apartment over looking a nearby beach. A female reporter, Cathrine Herridge from FOX News was able to locate the men and as she approached them and offered her hand in friendship they jumped back in fear of being touched by an unclean female---some kind of religious thing, it seems.

No details of the arrangement for their release to Bermuda are available at this time. It has been revealed however, that a somewhat larger group of about 14 is slated to go to the south sea island of Palau, a virtual paradise. In return for accepting these Uighur Muslim's the government of this tiny Pacific island has been promised $200 million (about $14,000,000 per terrorist), but what's 14,000,000 to the Obama administration who spends $3,000,000,000,000 as if it were pocket change. Let me point this out, the original cost of closing GITMO and bringing all the terrorist to the U.S. was $80 million. But now we are offering $200,000,000 to a tiny Pacific nation to take 14---where is that money coming from? Does congress have to approve? Does Obama have a slush fund? Many, many questions here and few answers coming from the administration. I strongly suspect some money went to the government of Bermuda, just how much remains to be seen.

Many on the left are pointing out the Uighurs are not terrorist, because they did not want to blow us up. That part is probably true, they only want to blown-up Chinese woman and children and came to Afghanistan to learn how to do just that. To me that makes them terrorist!!!

by Ron Russell

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