One by one the progressive mayors and college presidents across the south have been chipping away at not only our heritage, but the honor of fallen heroes, many of who died in the great 'War for Southern Independence'. Actually those who would tear down these Confederate Monuments could care less about the statues themselves. It's not about these pieces of stone and bronze stained by the years. It's a power struggle between progressives and conservatives. I thought this was settled, a least for a short while with the election of Donald Trump. I was wrong, and now I fear we are on the losing side once again. Some of us are fighting back. The purpose of this blog is to inform you there is hope. We are attempting to raise funds to erect plaques honoring our fallen Confederate boys in gray. Plaques that will grace the town squares of small towns in the South where they will be welcome. Towns where the voters still have some common sense, unlike those idiots in the large cities and those poor lost young people in our universities. All denotations will be appreciated with the lion's share going to preserve the memory of those who fought and died in that great conflict.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To: Mr Obama

Mr. Obama

I say Mr. because I'm not sure you meet the qualifications to be president, since you have failed to produce conclusive proof to show you are a natural born U.S. citizen. That is strange, in that you feel justified in releasing classified papers which will in all likelihood endanger our troops---are your personal documents super top secret! You've released some of the most sensitive papers and photos of the CIA's activities to placate the left of your party which hates the military and has spit on returning troops coming home from past conflicts.

Mr. Obama, I not sure if you arrived here one step ahead of a Kenyan lion or on a surf board from Hawaii. I do know one thing however, you brought with you an alien ideology and are attempted to impose it on our American system. Yes, most Americans voted for you and for change, but not the draconian measures you and those on the left are putting forth. Barack, your idea of a socialist Utopia is not shared by the majority in this land. Americans are individualist and not collectivist.

You sir, do not understand history. Your ideals, your philosophy is old and discredited. One that has failed at every turn. I actually feel sorry for you. What you learned from your Marxist mother and the reverend Wright is a belief in a system that stifles individualism. You are a real danger to the America of Jefferson and Washington. The ideas you put forth are not even worthy of some third world despot.

Barack, you are attempting to remake America into a model that fits you twisted concept of what America should be. You are attempting to foment class warfare at every turn. This is a traditional Marxist tactic. Sir, this isn't Russia in the early 1900's where the class divisions were profound. We have a vast middle class and they will not be dragged down to the worker class of a socialist state. A state in which only the bureaucrats enjoy the good life.

If you continue down this path the only good life you and your family will have is the remaining days you have left in office--whatever that number may be. Your legacy will be that of all such tyrants who have gone before you. The history of your regime will be viewed as one of the darkest chapters in this nations existence.

Your attempts to build a Utopian society will fail. What you can not comprehend is that your dream for America is one based on alien ideologies. Ideologies that millions fled from and found safe haven under Lady Liberty's torch. Try, as you surely will, to snuff out the flame of liberty and the spirit of individualism you will fail. Your presidency is already doomed, sadly in your quest for Utopia you cannot see this.

This is America, land of the free and not some third world country where a tyrant such as yourself can work his will.

by Ron Russell

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