Sunday, November 1, 2009

RINO's To Be Placed On Endangered Species List

Conservative with RINO

In view of recent attacks attempts are being made by certain left leaning groups to place RINO's on the endangered species list. Those showing the most concern for the welfare of these beasts are certain members of the RNC and such other groups as PETA, ACLU,, DNC, NEA, NAACP, UAW, Southern Poverty Law Center, Urban League, DHS, ACORN and many others. The white RINO being the most threatened is placed high on the list of these afore mentioned groups while the black RINO finds few in his corner save a few members of the RNC. The reason for this disparity remains some what unclear. Everywhere the RINO's are running for cover with many seeking to hide their identities, however these large unattractive creatures can find little cover from the hunters bearing down on them. Moves are now underway by conservative groups to extend the hunting season on these brutes---a season that normally is open for only one day a year in November is now turning into a year round "open season". While the fate of the RINO remains in doubt it is becoming increasingly clear that their numbers are dwindling as the walls of the American voter fill with the trophy RINO!

by Ron Russell


Babs said...

The US Government......For the people,by the people! We get to decide who we want and what we want our party to be. The evil socialist pig in DC may be the greatest thing that ever happened to our party. God bless this day and just hope this has a good end, for us. Things will change in DC depending on the outcome. Great post.

Ron Russell said...

The election of Barark Himself Obama could very well be blessing for the conservative movement in this country---the law of unintended consequences!!!!