Monday, August 15, 2011

Government Regulations

We are all aware that the many new regulations coming from the Obama administration are hurting business in this country, but few have thought about the many regulations coming from the various state houses throughout the nation.  Recently, my best friend who is a small businesssman in Arkansas and owns a small window and siding home improvement company that specializes in the sale and installation of energy efficient replacement windows was threatened with extinction by a new law aims specifically at small home improvement companies.  Yes, the progressives are at it everywhere. They know whats best for all of us and like it or not its their way or the highway. American Capitalism is a dirty word for most of these keynesian progressives who are actually putting their agenda above the general welfare of most who live in this great nation.  But times are changing with the growth of such groups as the Tea Party and others and the rising tide of progressivism is being pushed back. In this next election vote your common sense and for a return to smaller government with less restrictive regulation on business and personal freedoms.

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